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5 Benefits of Setting Healthy Boundaries

What do your boundaries look like? Do you set any boundaries in your relationships, work life, with family, with yourself? Or do you tend to say yes to everything, work long hours, work during vacations, spend too much time doing things for others while not taking care of yourself or your family? Do you find yourself overwhelmed, exhausted, burnt out, and like you have not done anything you wanted to do for yourself?

A life without boundaries can be extremely exhausting, lead to burn out, and can lead to some mental health and physical illnesses. Setting clear personal boundaries means that you are setting limits or guidelines to show others how to treat you. They aren't meant to keep people away, but rather they are meant to make life enjoyable for you and your loved ones. Setting healthy boundaries should be seen as a power we all have to establish clear-cut views of what we are willing to tolerate.

Let's take a look at 5 benefits to setting clear and healthy boundaries:

  1. You are less stressed. A lack of boundaries leads to opening yourself up to the risk of taking on everyone's problems and feeling like it is your responsibility to fix them. This can be very exhausting and psychologically draining. With healthy boundaries you don't take on the responsibility of fixing everyone else's problems therefore leading to a less stressful life.

  2. You are less angry and hold less resentment. Not having clear boundaries may lead others to have a power over your life. This can eventually lead to anger and resentment as you spend your energy on working to meet others' expectations while ignoring your own needs. You may find yourself being self-critical for being passive. With clear boundaries you are able to recognize situations you are not willing to tolerate. Effectively communicating your needs makes it unlikely that you will experience built up resentment and/or anger.

  3. You end up doing more of what you actually want to do. Oftentimes, a lack of boundaries leads to spending many hours working on what others need or want. Setting healthy boundaries gives you time back to do what you want to do. Time and energy spent doing things you enjoy will nourish your body, mind, and spirit.

  4. You take better care of yourself. It is not selfish to take care of yourself! Taking care of yourself helps keep you from becoming burnt out and helps make you more effective in all aspects of your life. Make yourself a priority!

  5. You become a better friend, partner, worker, etc. When you are not totally tapped out, you have more energy to be a good friend, partner, worker, etc. You have more energy to devote to things you are passionate about. You are also more respectful of the needs of others.

Ultimately, setting clear and healthy boundaries leads to a more fulfilling life and better relationships because you are living life on your terms and those of others.

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